Accommodations – The Lion’s Den, The Tiger Treehouse, and Cheetah Chambers

The Lion’s Den and Tiger Treehouse

Double the size of our smallest suite, the Lion’s Den and Tiger Treehouse provide spacious accommodation for a single kitty or comfortable accommodation for 2-3 kitties from the same home.

Multiple perches span the length of these suites, providing your kitty with ample room to climb and explore.  2 built-in scratching posts, plush bed/s and litter box are included.  Lion and Tiger-themed decoration complement these suites.

These suites rent for $40 per night (2 cats) or $35 per night (1 cat) and offer a choice of southern or northern view.

Cheetah Chambers

Our 2 Cheetah Chambers are designed for 1-2 kitties from the same home.  The adjoining spaces are connected with a doorway that can be closed should housemates need to be fed separately, or otherwise do not get along that well!

Multiple perches, built-in scratching posts, plush beds, litter box and cat-print decoration complete these suites. 

The Cheetah Chambers rent for $40 per night (2 cats), or $35 per night (1 cat), and offer a choice of southern or northern view.